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The Ministry of Industry and Infrastructure Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan has selected more than 700 projects of import-substituting industrial productions that are most necessary for the

The department intends to introduce curators of investment projects and consolidate personal responsibility for their implementation
This was announced at a briefing in the CCS under the President by the Minister of Industry and Infrastructure Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
Kairbek Uskenbayev said that the ministry headed by him, in accordance with the instructions of the Head of State, conducted an in-depth analysis of the state and prospects for the development of the manufacturing industry.
He explained that during the analysis, the country's opportunities for import substitution, providing the domestic market with finished products, as well as increasing export potential, taking into account the raw material base, infrastructure and human competencies of Kazakhstanis were studied.
"The entire import of the country was analyzed through our ministry. It is established that the total amount of imports is $38.4 billion per year. In large volumes, the country supplies engineering products ($16.4 billion), chemical industry ($3.2 billion), ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy ($3.1 billion), light industry ($2.2 billion), as well as building materials ($1.4 billion)," the head of the department said.
After reviewing and studying the results of the research of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan, priorities in the import substitution policy were determined. In accordance with the conclusions received, a pool of investment projects in 6 areas of the manufacturing industry was compiled jointly with the akimats of the capital and regions, which included more than 700 under construction and promising industries for a total amount of 20 trillion tenge. The plan to create these enterprises provides for the creation of 131 thousand new permanent jobs.
"The projects are divided into 4 categories: introduced this year, implemented, being worked on and promising. They are also divided by region, and particularly important areas are listed in a separate list. Each region and list will be managed by curators who have the most complete competence. They will help the projects to advance, as well as bear personal responsibility for them. For example, if an enterprise has a problem with the lack of a road, the curator will have to prepare documents and inform the leadership of the ministry and the MIO," K. said.Uskenbayev.
The team of curators, according to him, has already been trained, communication channels have been built. The established system will allow you to personally accompany each project, promptly solve its problems and speed up the launch.
At the moment, it is determined that 131 key projects should be launched by 2025, which will replace imports by $4 billion and increase non-resource exports by $9 billion.
In general, the implementation of all key projects is aimed at 100% import substitution of products such as ceramic plates, autoclave gas block, thermal insulation materials, sanitary ware, calcined and caustic soda, potash fertilizers, urea, special coke, sandwich panels, chipboard, sodium cyanide.
In addition, the work carried out will make it possible to take second place in the world export of ferrosilicon, reduce steel imports by 75%, and fully process all Kazakhstan cotton.